Alexandra Baron and Misha Boyko

The Fiesta Box™ motivates you to get out of bed by presenting you with a surprise, but only if you open it within one minute of your alarm going off. The Fiesta Box™ will be your go-to wake-up excitement. The product is a fun light up box that you can open only right after your alarm goes off. All you have to do is press a button, and the box unlocks. Otherwise, it is locked for the whole day, so no one can go in it and steal the prizes. The box is made out of laser-cut ¼ inch birch plywood, a 60-light NeoPixel ring, satin nickel door hinges and handle, a sound sensor, a servo motor, and an Arduino microcontroller. The product is compact, so it will fit on your dresser. Your parents or your friends can put a fun prize in your box and that will motivate you on those way-too-early school mornings. Forget about those tough wake-ups — start your day off with a fiesta!