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Just In Case is a sleek, technologically advanced pencil box that alerts the student when a pencil is left behind. All too often, the hustle between classes causes students to forget their pencils in their previous class. This unfortunate problem is only discovered after entering the next classroom. The design of the box is complete with a Photon microcontroller connected with wires to pencil holders, a vibration sensor, and a small speaker. The box offers space for four pencils to fit efficiently and comfortably. With a button underneath each pencil holder, the pencil presses down on the button, telling the Photon that a pencil is present. Because it's normal for a pencil to be removed for use, the absence of a pencil alone does not set off the alarm. Instead, the Photon detects that you are walking out of the room by sensing repeated vibration for a period of six seconds. If a pencil is then absent, the alarm sounds. If there is only a jolt of movement, followed by greater than 4 seconds of stillness, the pencil box will reset the sensor and not alert. This is to prevent alerts from happening when the box is simply tapped or kicked or falls during class. Just In Case is the new necessity for all students who lose far too many pencils throughout the school year.