Samantha Janoff and Isabelle Chitkara
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Shoezam is a footwear system that includes a structural shoe and inexpensive washable covers that provide protection and many different fashionable choices. Who doesn’t love having many shoes? Having different brands is great but is very expensive and challenging to store. The solution is finally here! You now have the ability to have many different looks with the fashionable shoe covers that Shoezam offers. The covers are made of a stretchy fabric that snugly fits the base shoe. They come in many different design options and patterns to compliment your outfits. The process of putting this product on is extremely easy and takes no more than 15 seconds. The cover stretches over the shoe, with a band that secures around the circumference in a groove. Two hooks are found at the arch of the shoe so the band that is on the cover is held securely to the shoe. In addition to the band, an alternative version of the product is a three-piece design. This includes a customized trim piece that has super clean lines. The trim attaches on top of the cover and into the shoe. With the Shoezam footwear system, you can clean out your shoe closet and simplify your life.