Liam Henley
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The Grass Fly is a time saving lawn mower bag that shoots grass from the bag into the woods or a barrel instead of requiring you to manually empty it.  Cutting grass on a riding lawnmower is fun, but nobody likes having to stop to get off and manually empty the bag.The Grass Fly replaces your current bag and includes a powerful blower and a button mounted near the driver controls. Cut grass is funneled down a ramp and where it slides in front of the blower and is blown out of the bag when the driver pushes the button. The Grass Fly saves the time and hassle of bringing your lawnmower to the trash barrel, unhooking the bag, attempting to not spill any of the grass when pouring it out, and then re-attaching the bag. With the Grass Fly you can just drive next to the woods or up to a barrel and with a simple push of a button watch grass fly out the bag and be amazed. The Grass Fly will make cutting your lawn faster, more efficient, and more fun.