Laura Clayton
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I was working on this project in the Innovation 1 class, and had the opportunity to improve it in Innovation 2.  The final product of the first design last year consisted of a whole whiteboard length magnetic eraser that was pulled by strings. I noticed some problems with it such as:

  • it was difficult to pull,
  • you had to walk somewhat far to pull the ropes to operate it,
  • the cloth was not easily removable,
  • only one size was offered — which wasn’t useful when you wanted to erase only some parts of the board, and
  • it did not have a finished look.

I used Tinkercad to design pieces of the eraser that were the length of one standard 2-inch magnet. On these chunks, I added pegs on one side and holes on the other to connect the pieces together when needed. After I confirmed a way to connect the pieces, I worked on finding a way to attach the fabric but make it easily changeable. At first I made two indents in the top for the fabric to hook onto. After some testing, the idea evolved into using 3.1 mm eyelets. These made the product look a little cleaner with the same idea as before. In the end, I had this eraser that was made of connectable pieces, changeable zip-on fabric, pushable and pullable by hand, and much neater.