Laura Clayton
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Blink 2.0 is a long magnetically enhanced eraser that makes whiteboard erasing much faster and easier. While the earlier Blink version was designed to erase the whole board in one swipe, Blink 2.0 requires no installation and gives the user more flexibility of eraser width. This eraser is designed to easily erase any portion of the board. The pieces of the eraser are all 1 magnet long (just over 2 inches) and have holes and pegs that connect them together. This allows the user to modify to size of the eraser depending on how much of the board they want to erase. Additionally, the fabric is easily removable and replaceable. In comparison to Blink, Blink 2.0 is easier to push and pull by hand, allows the ability to change the fabric, and most importantly it can be any different size depending on how much of the board you would like to erase.